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Banana Frosty Smalls (6 Unit Case)

Banana Frosty Smalls (6 Unit Case)

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SKU #: 1063505

THC: 30.10%

TERPS: 3.3%

TYPE: Hybrid

LINEAGE: Gelato 41 x Animal Mintz BX1

GROWER: Mediplant

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Sweet, notes of creamy banana, & a strong gas finish

TERPENES: Limonene (0.8%), Myrcene (0.6%), Nerolidol (0.5%), Others (1.4%) 

Dank Drops is here once again with the chillest of the chill in a smaller form but a bigger package - Banana Frosty Smalls! These will be available in a 14g (6 units per case) format for a limited time only so get them while they last.

Banana Frosty is a deliciously sweet and creamy cross between Gelato 41 and Animal Mintz BX1 that is perfect for lovers of limited edition and one-of-a-kind products. This potent hybrid was grown by Micro-Cultivator Mediplant that's based on Vancouver Island. Gear up for a flavour symphony that's starts with sweetness and moves into creamy banana before ending strong with a punchy gas finish. A limited run of 150 cases will be available for one month only to the BC market in this limited certified dank drop.

This flower is sourced from only a select handful of ultra-premium micro-growers who treat every plant and every bud with the care it deserves. Painstakingly cultivated, perfectly cured, lovingly hand-trimmed, never irradiated, and carefully inspected buds are to be expected with each monthly drop. Find details on the next drops and countdowns for limited edition matching apparel at

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