Dank Drops June: Korean BBQ

Dank Drops June: Korean BBQ

June Dank Drop: Korean BBQ

Yo, cannabis heads! Get ready for the hottest drop of the season. Dank Drops has now unleashed it's limited edition June release that's gonna blow your mind. In this blog post, we're diving deep into the hype surrounding this exclusive and limited time drop, reviewing the features that make it fire, and breaking down why cannabis connoisseurs should be geeked.

  1. Fire Genetics - Dank Drops selects only the highest tier genetics that are specially crafted to create unique experiences, and this June drop is no different. Korean BBQ is a wicked cross of Garlic Sherb and Cactus Breath that brings out the best of both strains. Even the snobbiest herb aficionados won't turn their back on this straight-up masterpiece.
  2. Dope Terpenes - Korean BBQ brings the flavour and the funk with a unique terpene profile. Total terpenes hit an awesome 3.7% and feature Myrcene, Farnesene, and Caryophyllene. From grapefruit and citrus bursts to savoury and spicy undertones, the terpenes in this limited release take you on a journey that'll have you feeling like you're walking down the streets of Seoul.
  3. Cannabinoid Mastery - when it comes to herb, you know potency and cannabinoids are part of the key to unlocking your best experience. Korean BBQ brings the heat with sky-high potency of 27.4%. It provides the perfect blend of mind-altering vibes and therapeutic goodness. Whether you're looking to chill or get those creative juices flowin', this June release has you covered.
  4. Grown with Street Cred - Dank Drops doesn't mess around when it comes to quality cultivation. The flower was grown by Micro Cultivator Klonetics right here in Kelowna, BC. Each plant is painstakingly cultivated, perfectly cured, lovingly hand-trimmed, never irradiated, and carefully inspected before release.
  5. Limited Supply - what's more exciting than the chase for that rare sneaker or hoodie drop? Dank Drops' Korean BBQ drop is limited to only 200 cases for all of BC, making it a certified collector's dream. It's that exclusive piece of the puzzle that every true cannabis head craves. Only a select few will get their hands on this coveted release, making it a badge of honour in your stash.
  6. Sick Packaging - Dank Drops brings the heat not only with it's herb but with it's packaging too. Picture this: a unique bag designed specifically for the Korean BBQ strain with all the details and info you could ever want. Worried about freshness? No need...each bag of Dank Drops comes with your flower sealed in a classic reusable mason jar and cozied up with a humidity pack.

Interested in copping a case or two of this limited drop? All retailers can Register Now to get access.

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